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Great Use of My Veggies

Hi, I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and staying safe, especially those of you in the northeast area under so much snow.  I used to live in Denver, Colorado and I loved the beauty of the snow, I just didn’t like traveling in it.

Well on to the subject of this posting.  Some of you may remember that some of my goals for 2013 was to be more organized, less wasteful and to use recyclable bags when shopping.  Last weekend I went grocery shopping and I remembered my shopping bags, I had my list and I stuck to it.  For some reason I become like a kid in a candy store around produce.  I have to admit, a lot went into the cart, that wasn’t on my list.  Yesterday I was faced with the task of deciding what to do with the unused produce.  Some of it was chopped and sliced and put in the freezer.  The remainder of the produce, zucchini, red, yellow and orange peppers, tomatoes, onions and poblano peppers, I chopped and tossed with some seasoning, some Chilpotle Mexican hot sauce and roasted them in the oven.

Roasted veggies copy

Also roasted and smashed some fingerling potatoes.


Tossed some fresh baby spinach on top of the smashed potatoes.

SpinachonTop copy

Topped the baby spinach with the oven roasted veggies sprinkled with nutritional yeast. (you could also top with cheese if you like).  It was so delicious.  I call this my potato bowl.


For Sunday lunch I took the leftover veggies and made an open-faced sandwich, topped with cheese. It was placed under the broiler just long enough to melt and brown the cheese. I must say it was a marvelous lunch and a wonderful use of some great produce.


The question of the day.

 Is there anyone who sticks to their grocery shopping list.