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It’s Go Green month and I am lovin my green veggies, but hey, I always love my green veggies, I’m a vegetarian who thinks green is supreme!   When I first opened my eyes I was surprised at what time it was, thanks to daylight  saving time it was still dark at 7:00am., but it felt good knowing I could go back to sleep.  It’s spring break and I took Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off, so when I finally got up at 9:00am (I never sleep that late), I fixed myself a thick and creamy green smoothie.  Did my body good!


I had some errands to run and it took a little longer than expected.  When I returned home I was hungry and had a cravin for some Kale Chickpea salad, doesn’t it look good, I love the colors.  I sprinkled with hemp seeds just before eating.


The day seemed to go by so fast, I guess that’s what happens when you sleep until 9:00am.  For dinner I made stuffed avocados, a variation of a recipe I found on Pinterest. This was my first time preparing this and I liked it, I liked it a lot!  Even my seventeen year-old liked it, I was surprised, because she’s such a picky eater.


I didn’t do a lot of snacking during the day, but later in the evening, while doing some blog work, I found myself snacking on Somersaults.  I was only going to eat a few, but I just couldn’t stop eating them.


Monday ended up being a Green Monday, all of my big meals were loaded with green. That’s a good thing, the greener the better!

Thank yon Jenn for hosting this awesome food sharing party.

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Question of the Day!

Have you tried any new recipes lately?