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WIAW #7 and A Very Busy Day



WOW Monday was one of those I can’t wait for this day to be over days.  I overslept, so when I got up it was non stop, shower, dress, breakfast and out the door. I usually get up with enough time to read my Kindle Bible, do a workout, look at GMA while eating or read blogs. ( I hate being rushed). Breakfast was a wrap filled with sunflower seed butter, sliced bananas, sliced almonds, shredded coconut, dried cranberries and chia seeds and a cup of coffee.  So delicious.

QuickThrowTogetherBreakfast copy

When I arrived at work there were more challenges. One of my teachers was scheduled off and another called off, but the team pulled together and things worked out. However that made my normal multitasking day a super, super duper multitasking day.  I was so busy I almost forgot to stop and eat, in fact I didn’t really have what some would consider a normal lunch. I snacked my way thru the day , early afternoon I had four mandarin oranges I had at my desk and the most delicious Health Warrior Chia bar. And of course lots of water throughout the day.

HealthWarrior copy

In the late afternoon I had crackers and lemon hummus from my office frig.


When the center closed at 6:30 that evening I stayed to get caught up on some work. Because it was the first Monday after spring break I had loads more computer work that needed to be done.  You know that saying, “A Women’s Work is Never Done”, it’s true. After leaving the center I had to stop off at three stores on my way home.  I arrived home just a little after 8:00 with no idea of what to have for dinner. I decided on a salad and avocado panni. I spread roasted pine nut hummus on a tortilla, sprinkled on cheese, layered the avocado and grilled using my George Foreman grill. Even with all the business of my day I think I managed to eat fairly healthy foods on Monday.

WIAW#7Dinner copy

It felt so good to finally turn the dial to off for the day, needless to say I had a great nights sleep and Tuesday was a super multitasking day instead of a super, super duper multitasking day.

I hope everyone is having a Wonderful What I Ate Wednesday.

Don’t forget to stop by Peas and Crayons to see all the good eats.

Thanks Jenn for hosting.

Questions of the day.

Today there are two.

When you are crazy busy, do you take the time to prepare quick healthy meals or eat fast food?

What kind of job do you have, slow and quite or fast paced and energy packed.

Author: Celeste @The Whole Serving

Hi, I'm Celeste 'm a no flesh eating vegetarian who loves to run, cook and eat good wholesome food, living a healthy lifestyle has always been important to me. In 2011 I became a vegetarian because I was experiencing digestive problems it seemed after every meal and I just didn't feel good. After reading Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr I was convinced that eliminating all meat from my diet and adding more real foods was worth a try. Kris's book taught me so much about the power of whole fresh fruits and veggies, and their impact on our bodies. After a few months I started to feel the difference and I have never turned back. My hope is to share something that helps you on your journey to being Whole Body Healthy! Follow me on Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

5 thoughts on “WIAW #7 and A Very Busy Day

  1. Yumm! Your snacks look great! I hope you survived the crazy busy day!

  2. You’re totally making me want to dig up my george foreman grill and go nuts with a tortilla =) Happy WIAW!!!!

  3. I hate being rushed in the morning too… and I def go for quick healthy meals – when and if i get fast food it’s like my whole day comes to a sluggish halt!

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