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Foodie Pen Pal Reveal



Happy Monday!  I had a wonderful Easter, started the day braving the storms on my way to church and later I enjoyed family, friends and good food. (pictured below with my brother Alphanzo and his wife Schlunda).  I hope yours was just as lovely.


Today is a special day, because it’s Foodie Pen Pal Reveal Day!   March was my first month participating and I must say I was pleased.  I was paired with someone via email, she contacted me to find out my likes dislikes, allergies and mailing address, by the 15th of the month she had sent my package of snacks and goodies.


My Foodie Pen pal was Sharla Wipplinger, author of

I love getting packages in the mail, I’m always excited to open them even when I know what’s inside, so you can imagine I was doubly excited to open this package.  Sharla didn’t disappoint, I loved everything. My favorites were the Health Warrior Chia Bar, Tuscan almonds and Southwest cashews, my daughter’s favorite were the nori strips and dried fruit strips.  They were great afternoon snacks to give me what I needed to get thru until dinner.


I am so looking forward to this month’s box of goodies.   Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean is the host and she does an outstanding job of matching, it’s lots of work I know.  Thank you Lindsay for putting this all together.

For more information on Foodie Pen Pal click on the banner above or the banner on my side bar.

Questions of the Day

How was your weekend?

Did you spend it with family and or friends?

Author: Celeste @The Whole Serving

Hi, I'm Celeste 'm a no flesh eating vegetarian who loves to run, cook and eat good wholesome food, living a healthy lifestyle has always been important to me. In 2011 I became a vegetarian because I was experiencing digestive problems it seemed after every meal and I just didn't feel good. After reading Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr I was convinced that eliminating all meat from my diet and adding more real foods was worth a try. Kris's book taught me so much about the power of whole fresh fruits and veggies, and their impact on our bodies. After a few months I started to feel the difference and I have never turned back. My hope is to share something that helps you on your journey to being Whole Body Healthy! Follow me on Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

3 thoughts on “Foodie Pen Pal Reveal

  1. Wow you received some great stuff!

  2. This looks awesome! I just found foodie pen pals and can’t wait until I can do it next month!

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