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MIMM #4 and Cleaning My Fridge



I had a Marvelous relaxing weekend.  I hope every one of you did the same.  I cleaned out the fridge this weekend and in doing so I created new recipes from veggies that needed to be used.

After juicing several carrots, an apple, a whole golden beet, I used the root, stems and leaves and one lemon, I blended the juice with vanilla protein powder to make a fantastic carrot smoothie.


I used the carrot pulp to make some Carrot Cranberry Muffins. I topped the second batch with some oats and brown sugar crumble. They were good, but I think the recipe needs some tweaking.


Sometimes I overdo it at the grocery and buy too much, and with my busy weeks even thought I have good intentions I just can’t get around to preparing all I purchase.  So for dinner I sautéed brussel sprouts and baby broccoli to make a pasta salad.  After chopping the veggies I put the veggies I didn’t use in freezer bags to freeze for future use.   Marvelous way to have fresh veggies on hand.   Dinner by the way was Marvelous!!!

BroccliPasta Salad

It’s going to be a Marvelous week!  I have a new supervisor at work so this week all of the Center Directors will be meeting with him. It will be a chance for him to get to know each of us better and for us to learn a little more about who he is and his expectations. I’m looking forward to the meeting.

Be Marvelous in Your Monday and have a Marvelous week.  Check out some of the other MIMM post over at Healthy Diva Eats, thank you Katie for hosting the MIMM party.

Questions of the Day.

When was the last time you cleaned out your fridge?

When you clean your fridge do you find things you totally forgot you had even purchased?