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MIMM #6 and A Very Berry Day



Marvelous was my weekend! The weather was absolutely beautiful.  Sometimes our busy schedules can get us off track, and that’s ok as long as we don’t stay off track. Honestly I haven’t worked out as often as I should have in the past few weeks, but I changed that this weekend with a good run and 8 minute ab workout I found on The Hungry Runner Girl.   Really works the abs.  Link to ab workout.

Screen Shot 2013 03 26 at 9 13 28 AM

Now some of my weekend eats!

I had a Very Berry Sunday!  Marvelous Kale Slaw with Strawberries, Chocolate Soy Yogurt Pudding parfait, I used crushed Oreo crumbs between the yogurt layers and I mixed organic raw cacao powder with soy yogurt to give the yogurt a rich chocolate flavor. Cacao is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, great source of magnesium, iron, vitamin C and a natural source of theobromine.  My final berry recipe was a  refreshing Strawberry Cocktail.  I blended strawberries, mixed with coconut water and strained thru sieve, mixed with Vodka and Grenadine syrup. You can omit the vodka and easily make it a mocktail if you like.

Very Berry

I had some zucchini I needed to used, so I made some Marvelous Zucchini Crisp.  Instead of egg, I dipped the zucchini in a flax water mixture and then in Panko bread crumbs for a crispy crunch.  I promise I will post the recipes very soon.

Zucchini Crisp

I hope and pray everyone has a Marevlous week. Check out more Marvelousiness HERE.

Thanks to Katie at Healthy Diva Life for hosting MIMM every week.

Questions of the Day.

How was your weekend? 

Did you do anything special?