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What I At Wednesday #25


Happy WIAW!  The meals I am sharing today are from Tuesday, since Monday I was still eating red lentil soup recommended by my hair stylist as a cure-all for tummy aches, it worked for me.  I was really hungry for more, but didn’t want to mess up my good feeling tummy.

Tuesday was my Monday because it was my first day at work for the week. I wanted it to go well so I choose foods that were pretty simple and relatively easy for my body to digest, I stuck with fruits and veggies.   Breakfast was a simple juice mix of cherry, lemon, lime and aloe vera and plenty of water.

-Mixed Juice1

Lunch was a romaine, mango and strawberry salad sprinkled with chia seeds. I blended a small amount of strawberries and mangos to make a dressing.

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I ended my day with roasted veggie tacos served with black bean soup and strawberry mango salsa. I was feeling much better, so a little more daring with my food choices and added a bit more protein in the mix.


Make it a great WIAW and don’t forget to stop by Peas and Crayons for more WIAW.  Thanks again Jenn for hosting.

Have a Safe and Happy Memorial Day weekend with your family and friends.

Questions of the day.

Do you have special plans for your Memorial Day weekend?

Are you running in any Memorial Day races?