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Happy Monday!

Fall is back and it feels good. I love this time of the year, the cooler temperatures, the food, and the fashions.

Running in the cooler temperature is much easier on the body than running in the summer heat of Texas.  I’ve lived here in Texas for eleven years, and haven’t experienced the annual Turkey Trot, I think I’ll change that this year.



The food, oh the food, from soups, to lattes, to apples, to pumpkins, yeah there are pumpkins everywhere, and just as many different ways to use them in recipes or decorating for the season.


Fall fashions are my favorite, I love layering, using scarves and wearing boots. Here are just a few of my Pinterest pins that represent my style.

Fall Fashions

Candy at Halloween, cookies, cakes and pies at all the holiday celebrations, coupled with the cooler temps keeping us indoors unfortunately, it’s this time of the year that we tend to pack on those extra pounds.

Here are some tips that I use to stay on track during this time of year.

  •  Be realistic. Don’t try to lose weight, but instead maintain through the holidays.
  •  Smoothies for breakfast. Start your day with a fruit and veggie packed smoothie, they’re loaded with nutrients to give you energy.
  •  Plan time to exercise. I suggest starting your day with exercise, I’ve tried to exercise after work, but I am just so tired and sometimes it just doesn’t happen, especially during the winter months when it’s already dark after work. Dark + tired = relax/sleep.  Exercise is a great way to relieve the holiday stress.
  • Plan workout dates with friends. Working out with friends can be motivating and adds accountability.
  • Use workout apps, here are some I suggest.
  •  Eat before a party. Don’t skip meals to allow for eating at a party, instead eat a light snack of fresh veggies or fruit before your party.
  •  Bring a healthy dish to holiday gatherings.
  •  Don’t deprive yourself, enjoy your favorite holiday foods in moderation.

Happy Fall!

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