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 My daughter said to me last week, “Mom your skin looks pretty”, and recently I’ve had several people ask me about the products I use on my face, so I am sharing some of my beauty products today.

Surprise, surprise I made them all myself.

Body Care Products

Several months ago I was having trouble finding a cleanser and moisture cream that didn’t leave my skin dry and tight. I tried several brands and nothing worked, so I turned to the oil cleansing method. What is the oil cleansing, you ask? It’s said that it is one of the most effective natural ways of cleansing the skin using natural oil combinations, even for those with oily or acne prone skin.

There are an array of combinations that can be used, I suggest selecting oils based on your skin type.

Castor oil is widely used as the base for the oil cleansing method, because of it’s ability to attract dirt and remove it from the skin. However I do not like the way it feels on my skin. Some of the others often used , are  extra virgin olive, sweet almond, apricot kernel, peach kernel, jojoba, and hazelnut oil. It may take several tries to get the combination that’s right for your skin. For more on finding the right combination for your skin type try HERE or HERE.

However, I didn’t like the feel of all the oil, I’m one of those who needs to feel a little lather with the cleansing process.  After a lot of trial and error I came up with a recipe that works for my skin, leaving my skin feeling soft and moist, not dry or tight.

Creamy Cleanser

1 .oz extra virgin olive oil

2 .oz virgin coconut oil

1 .oz Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile baby soap

Pour olive oil into a 4 .oz container.

Melt coconut oil and add to olive oil. Add the castile soap, place top on container and shake well.

Like magic, it goes from oil to a creamy mixture, ready for use.

For cleansing, wet your face, pour mixture into hand, about a quarter size. Smooth over your face in upward motion, rinse with water or use a soft washcloth to gently remove cleanser from skin. Follow with moisturizer.

Creamy Facial Cleanser

Now that I had a great cleanser, I needed a great face cream. In 2008 I took a bath and body class and learned how to make creams and lotions, I took that knowledge and formulated a face cream. This cream leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft all day, no greasy or tacky feel.

Equipment needed  – this equipment is only used for making my bath and body products, I keep them separate from my kitchen items.

  • Digital scale
  • stainless steel or glass mixing bowls (I used large pyrex measuring bowl and large class beaker)
  • measuring spoons
  • thermometer (candy or digital)
  • stick blender
  • spatulas
  • funnel
  • containers for your creams and lotions (I recycled old cosmetic container)


Ingredients needed

  • distilled water
  • oils
  • butters
  • emulsifying wax
  • stearic acid
  • vegetable glycerin
  • vitamin E
  • preservative
  • essential oils

Ingredients used to make this cream

  • olive, coconut oil and shea butter
  • emulsifying wax also known as E wax
  • distilled water  and vegetable glycerin
  • vitamin E
  • optiphen (paraben free preservative)
  • recycled cosmetic glass container

I used the percentage technique to measure my ingredients, this was the technique taught in the bath and body class I took a few years ago.

You decide how many ounces you want to make.  If the recipe call for 75% water, 20% oils, 5% emulsifying  and 1% preservative  you multiply the number of ounces times the percent, to get the amounts you need.


  • 16 x 75% =12 .oz water
  • 16 x 20% = 3.2 .oz oils
  • 16 x 5% = .8 .oz E wax and stearic acid
  • 16 x 1% = .16 .oz vitamin E

This method can be used to scale up or down a recipe that is set in percentages to create any size you want.

In my face cream recipe my percentages were  65%  water, 30% oils, 5% E wax and stearic acid and 1% vitamin E, to make a thicker cream.

Hydrating Moisture Cream

2.6 .oz distilled water

.3 .oz olive oil

.4 .oz coconut oil

.5 .oz shea butter

.2 .oz E wax and stearic acid

.04 .oz vitamin E oil

.04 .oz.  optiphen (this is an approved preservative and is used in some lotions to replace parabens and said to be milder on the skin, while it inhibits a full range of microbial growth in your bath and body creations.

When using a digital scale you will have to tare the scale after each measurement, to tare means to zero out the scale after each measurement so that you are measuring only the ingredient being added.  I used measuring cups and tiny bowls for each ingredient, if I poured too much it could be removed without a problem.

1. Place first measuring container onto scale and tare out scale.

2. Measure water into container and remove from scale, tare out scale.

Water Measure

3. Place second container on scale and measure oils one at a time ,removing to glass measuring container after each measure. Use the same procedure with the remaining ingredients.

Ingredient Measure

Now that everything is measured, it’s time to heat.

4. Place oils, E wax and stearic acid in pot and warm over low heat to between 140 -175 degrees.

5. Warm distilled water to 140-175 degrees.

6. Water and oils should be at approximately the same temperature before combining them together. Anywhere from 140 to 175 degrees.

Oil and Water Mixture

7. Place stick blender into water and mix while pouring oil blend into water, creating a vortex. Continue to blend for 1 to 2 minutes while mixture cools down. When mixture is 110 degrees add the vitamin E oil.


8. Pour into container and allow to cool completely. (I usually allow mine to cool in the fridge).

When cooled it should be smooth and creamy.

Always disinfect everything before and after use.

Facial Moisture Cream

The same technique is used for body lotion, the lotion below is 10 .ozs.

6.5 .ozs distilled water and .2 .oz. vegetable glycerin (I mix these together).

1.0 .oz sweet almond oil

1.0 .oz. coconut oil

1.0 .oz. shea butter

.5 .oz E wax and stearic acid

.1 .oz vitamin E oil

.1 .oz optiphen

.1 .oz fragrance oil of your choice

Follow the above directions and add the fragrance oil when you add the vitamin E oil. Allow to cool completely befor topping bottle to prevent condensation.

Body lotion

The following are two sites that I use to purchase some of my ingredients, and they have  a wealth of infomation.

Handmade bath and body products make great Holiday gifts.

I think that handmade gifts are so much more special, because someone took the time to personally make a gift, instead of just going to the mall.

Have a Wonderful, Marvelous Monday!


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Author: Celeste @The Whole Serving

Hi, I'm Celeste 'm a no flesh eating vegetarian who loves to run, cook and eat good wholesome food, living a healthy lifestyle has always been important to me. In 2011 I became a vegetarian because I was experiencing digestive problems it seemed after every meal and I just didn't feel good. After reading Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr I was convinced that eliminating all meat from my diet and adding more real foods was worth a try. Kris's book taught me so much about the power of whole fresh fruits and veggies, and their impact on our bodies. After a few months I started to feel the difference and I have never turned back. My hope is to share something that helps you on your journey to being Whole Body Healthy! Follow me on Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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