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Running With Asthma

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It was an absolutely beautiful Spring weekend!

I love the Spring ,but I don’t love the pollen and allergens it brings, it’s been killer on my allergy and asthma. The forecast was  for heavy rain this weekend, but we only got a small shower. I was hoping for the rain to wash away the pollen.

I have had asthma all my life and I’ve never let it hold me back, so I’m not going to start now.  Here is how I’ve been dealing with a tough allergy season.

1. Check pollen counts daily, if it’s too high, run inside.



2. Always, always do a breathing treatment 15 minutes before a run or at least take two puffs 15 minutes before my run.



3. Never go on a run without it. My trusty inhaler and take my allergy meds daily.

4. Stay hydrated. I generally drink water at room temperature, which happens to be the a good thing. It’s recommend that asthmatics drink lukewarm or hot water, it helps to loosen the phlegm and thin bronchial secretions. Before a run I sip on warm or hot water.

Lemon Water
5. Run with a partner, if possible.

6. Run with my phone so I can make an emergency call if needed.

7. Always wear my ID pack on my shoe, I photocopied my drivers license and laminated it, because there have been a few times when I forgot to remove it after a run and didn’t have my license when driving. I’ve also included a list of emergency contacts, although lately I’ve been giving some thought to purchasing a medical alert bracelet.

8. Always let someone know which route I’m running. If no one is home, I simply text them the info when I head out, letting them know how long I should be out.

9. I’ve changed my running technique to run/walk interval training. The walk interval allows my lungs to recover so I can push more in my run interval. At first I was concerned about my time and pace, but doing the intervals have improved my pace, and this technique actually can burn more calories. I wrote a post on interval training a while back, check it out.

10. Most importantly, I’ve changed my breathing technique. I try to breathe from deep in the diaphragm, this is a technique I learned years ago in college when I was taking voice lessons. I inhale through the nose and exhale through pursed lips. I really have to focus on this one, for some reason I tend to breathe with my mouth open when running, it dries my throat and not to mention I take in more allergens. Keeping my mouth closed while running has done wonders, I can run longer and I feel much better.

11. Stop comparing myself to other runners, this has been a hard one, because I am a little competitive. I’m learning it’s ok to  sometimes run for distance, not pace.

Most importantly, I run for myself!

Always remember to seek your Doctor’s advice before starting a new exercise program or if you start to experience unusual pain or discomfort .

If you are an asthmatic runner, please leave a comment with some of the things you do to get through your runs, I’d love to know, because I’m always open to suggestions.

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Don’t forget to Be Marvelous In Your Monday and Happy Running!