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Over the past two years I have truly enjoyed sharing parts of me with you. I have decided to make the plunge into self hosted wordpress. So this site will have a new URL and new name, The Whole Serving, because my passion for food and cooking moves me to share good, wholesome, healthy foods that nourish the body and soul, without making you feel guilty about eating the whole serving.

Hey, I will still share health and fitness and other cool things.

And, there will be desserts, because life’s not the same without dessert.

I appreciate all of my followers and I hope you continue to follow and support.

For all of my wordpress followers you will continue to see my post in your reader, but to receive email updates you will need to subscribe on my new site.

It’s a little bittersweet to say goodbye to the old, but exciting to look ahead to all that’s new.

I adore you all and look forward to sharing so much more with you, my regular readers, blog buds, friends and family.

The change will happen over the next few days.

Thank you all for your love and support.