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MIMM #31 and Forced to Change My Route



Happy Monday!

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.  I started my weekend with a 4-mile run that almost didn’t happen, because I woke up Saturday with a headache.  I suspected it was a dehydration headache because I didn’t drink my normal amount of water during the day Friday, I hardly spent any time at my desk, my assistant was out sick so I was everywhere.  So I got up drank lots of water and two and a half hours later I was headache fee and on my way out the door.

I have been running the same route for a few weeks now, but lately there’s a bird that sometimes attacks runners on the route. One runner was attacked in his head and blood was involved. Twice while running this bird flew at me coming so close I had to duck out-of-the-way.

Attacking Bird

 I was reminded of the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds”, where all the people in the town are attacked by birds, as a child after seeing that movie I was afraid every time I saw birds flying in the sky.


Picture Source

So I decided this weekend to change it up, which turned out to be a good thing. My new route challenged me because it has some hills.   Changing routes is a good thing for several reasons, it can be a challenge to run a new route which has different elevations, it offers new scenery and it can be safer to not always be predictable and run the same path.

After my run I made some protein pancakes with strawberry sauce and fresh sliced strawberries.  I took a simple mix with water honey wheat pancake mix and added 3 tablespoons of ground hemp seed.  For the sauce I blended a few fresh strawberries with some agave nectar and added the sliced strawberries on top.

Hemp Protein Pancakes with Strawberry Sauce

Marvelous was me changing my route, the hill challenged me and I felt good afterwards and I didn’t have to worry about the attacking bird.

Be Marvelous in Your Monday and check out Marvelous Katie and more MIMM at Healthy Diva Eats.


What do you do to make sure you drink plenty of water throughout your day?

How often do you change your running routes?

If anybody has a good recipe for protein pancakes, please send me the recipe or link to the recipe.

Running Slow to Become Faster


Marvelous is that Katie at Healthy Diva Eats had her beautiful baby boy Rocco last week and is at home enjoying her first week of sleepless nights, diapers, snuggles and lots of kisses.

I wish her and her family all the best.


For the past week I’ve been up and out by 6:30 having some Marvelous runs and this weekend I had a Marvelous 7 mile run, wanted to do more, but decided to play it safe and stick with the training plan to lessen the chance of injury.

I came across a great video share from Janae at The Hungry Runner Girl, that was sent to her from her running coach. GOING FAST THROUGH GOING SLOW.  It’s a video from running expert Bobby McGee, while you’re on his site you can sign-up for FREE Run Training Videos.

Bobby McGee Running

I have to admit I don’t always stretch as I should sometimes, but lately I have been stretching everyday to avoid injury, and  that’s a Marvelous thing!  In addition to the Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown DVD I’ve been using  the Ten Zen DVD to help keep me on track and keep my goal of adding yoga to my workout routine this year. I am feeling Marvelous.

Yoga Workouts

I’ve been wanting to try a veggie burger recipe I pinned on Pinterest, finally tried it this weekend.  I made several changes to the recipe, lets just say I was inspired by the recipe. I didn’t have carrots, (daughter ate them all), the only oats I had were hard oat groats. so I used celery in place of the carrots and hemp seed for the oats, and I forgot to add in the egg since I don’t eat them very often. Still turned out Marvelously great, when my picky seventeen year-old says something is good, it’s good.

Click for the recipe.

Black Bean Veggie Burger

Have yourself a Marvelous Monday and stop by Healthy Diva Eats for some more MIMM.


What was the last Pinterest recipe you were inspired by?

Have you ever used a running coach?

MIMM #15 A Lesson Learned and Bolgiversary Give-a-way!



Happy Marvelous Monday!

My weekend started with an early training run on the trail near my home, early to beat the heat. The first half of my run was Marvelous, but about two miles from home it was absolutely terrible, I felt as if I would pass out. What did I do wrong? The answer is, I didn’t fuel properly, a lesson in what not to do.  I usually eat a small bowl of oatmeal or a banana 35 to 40 minutes before heading out. I didn’t take the time to eat, I just wanted to run before the day got hot. Never again will I do this especially in this summer heat, fuel and hydration are so important.  Not everyone eats before running and that’s what training is all about, finding what works best for you and your body, so it doesn’t happen on race day. Lesson learned!


After my run I downed a large protein shake and ate two bananas. Later I had a Whole Foods Field Roast burger on a wheat bun and a side of fries. It was Marvelous, Marvelous, Marvelous!

Field Roast Burger and Fries

While at Whole Foods I found some good stuff!  Pineapple Ginger Lemonade, it was sweet and tart, oh so good, and Cindy’s Kitchen Power Dressing, it has just the right amount of kick, it’s more like a dip than a dressing, it’s very thick.  Made a Marvelous Sunday afternoon snack with pretzel sticks and sliced veggies.


Dinner was a big bowl of Pesto Zucchini noodles. So pretty and Marvelous!

Zucchini Pesto Noodles

I got crafty this weekend with Dr. Bronner’s soap.  I recycled an empty foaming soap dispenser, just poured a small amount of Dr. Bronner’s soap in the bottle filled with water within an inch of top, to leave room for pump and I had a new bottle of foaming soap.

Lately I have been having trouble with my skin feeling really dry and my normal facial cleansers just haven’t been working. Solution, make my own oil cleanser! I tried with just the oils at first and I didn’t like it, I’m one of those who needs to feel suds, so I added just a little Dr. Bronner’s to an olive oil, castor oil and lavender oil mixture. I’ll let you know in a few weeks how it works.


I got this neat water bottle, when you’re not using it just fold and store. I’ve decided to include this in a cool give-a-way. Sunday, July 7th this blog will be 1-year-old, can you believe it? As a thank you to my readers who have supported me I have a Give-a-way!


I’ve been giving Yoga a try ,this is a Marvelous workout! While doing this Marvelous workout, sip  water from this vapur bottle during and a after your workout and shower, smooth on some creamy chocolate body butter.  Enter for a chance to win, winner will be selected Monday, July 8th.

Blogiversary Give-a-way

I was not compensated and did not receive product to host this give-a-way, I’m doing it simply because I appreciate you, my readers.

Entry Button

Be Wonderful and  Marvelous in Your Monday!  Congratulations  and Marvelousiness to Katie and her family, she had a very special delivery Saturday, a beautiful 7 lbs. 9 ozs. baby boy!  Join the Marvelous fun at Healthy Diva Eats.

MIMM #15 and Marvelous MSM

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I have been hearing a lot about MSM lately,especially in the raw food community, so I did some research to find out more.


MSM, Methylsulfanylmethane, it is a sulphur compound that’s naturally found in humans,animals, plants, fruits, veggies, and dairy products and is necessary for the synthesis of proteins and acids as well as developing connectivity tissue. As we age the body’s ability to produce this compound diminishes.

Without MSM our bodies can’t repair or replace tissue fast enough to prevent the body from producing abnormal cells which may cause increased sensitivity to pain, arthritis, skin problems, brittle hair and nails and disease.


MSM when taken internally helps the body heal from the inside out. It reduces inflammation which helps to relieve pain of arthritis and sore muscles. It also controls stomach acidity and forms a protective coat on the intestinal  tract; thus, parasites are unable to hang on.

MSM feeds into the bodies formation of collagen and elastin and this helps to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails and fights the aging process.

It makes the skin feel soft smooth and reduces wrinkles. You can add MSM powder to your bath water and take a long relaxing soak for 20 minutes or more to help soften and relieve dry skin.

When used topically MSM is helpful in treating acne, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, even diaper rash. Doctors are using it to help repair cut, scraped, damaged and even burned skin. MSM is currently being studied and shows some good results as a non-toxic treatment for skin cancer and it also has promising results in breast cancer patients.





MSM disappears during food processing but can be supplemented thru capsules, tablets, powder, flakes, and topically with the use of lotions and creams.

Powder or flakes is the best way to go, because it’s absorbed faster.  Dissolve in warm water first then mix with more water or juice of your choice to help disguise the taste.

You may find it listed in the ingredients as dimethyl sulfone, methylsulfonylmethane or MSM.

It is suggested that you start taking with a meal to prevent stomach upset when beginning to take this as a supplement.

I have included links to sites where you can purchase MSM supplements and products. You can also find them in your local health food store, sometimes mixed with other supplements. MSM is mixed most often with Glucosamine, which strengthens cartilage and reduces inflammation, however Glucosamine is a sugar molecule, so if you are diabetic or are watching your sugar intake you have to be careful about the dosage. When MSM is taken with vitamin C it enhances recovery.  MSM also makes you feel energetic so it’s best taken early in the day to prevent insomnia.


I was inspired by Raw Foodie Megan Elizabeth to make some Raw Vegan Pizza.

Link to her channel.

Megan ElizabethYouTube

Yummy, Yummy Raw Vegan Pizza!!!

I changed a few a few of  the ingredients, for the topping, I mixed nutritional yeast with the hemp seed instead of cashews. The nutritional yeast gives it a cheesy flavor.


SafeWay/Tom Thumb Blueberry Pomegranate Acai’ Sorbet


I found a Marvelous fruit salad recipe on Pinterest

Secret Fruit Salad, so good! The secret is 2 tablespoons of dry vanilla pudding mix.

You can find the recipe here.


My weekend was absolutely Marvelous and I’m ready for a Marvelous Monday!

Make your Marvelous Monday and stop by Healthy Diva Eats for more Marvelousness.

Question of the day.

Do you take supplements?

What was the last new recipe you tried?

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MIMM and Treadmill Running


Thunder and lighting allowed me to sleep in Saturday morning, and dark clouds and heat later in the day forced me to do my miles at the gym.


I haven’t run on a treadmill in over a year and I didn’t enjoy my run at all. Three minutes into my run I was super hot and dripping in sweat. With no wind resistance and the oxygen consumption per pace on a treadmill being lower than when running overground, why was this so hard?

I found the following quote on Steve Pavlina’s Personal Development for Smart People Forum.

“Reporting in Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise, researchers evaluated
the kinematics and biomechanics of treadmill running and determined that running
 on a treadmill increases the muscular demands made on hip flexors and knee
 extensors. The authors concluded that treadmill running might improve sprint
times due to the extra effort of those key muscles. Other studies have shown
that the treadmill requires a higher stride frequency because the treadmill
pushes the rear leg forward and the advancing leg must plant more quickly. As a
result, a faster cadence and shorter stride produces more steps per mile and the
cardiovascular demands of running may be higher on a treadmill than outdoors at
the same pace.”

So maybe this is the reason it seemed so much harder. Given a choice I would much rather run outdoors.

Plenty of sunshine and blue sky on Sunday allowed me to get back outdoors for a nice long walk, it was an absolutely Marvelous day.

There were some Marvelous eats this weekend! I purchased some sweet organic apricots, peaches and beautiful fennel, all I needed was a recipe.


I took to Pinterest and after typing fennel in the search bar, I found the perfect recipe, Grilled Peach and Fennel Slaw!

Click photo to see recipe.


I ended my evening listening to some beautiful Brian Culbertson.


Be Marvelous In Your Monday and visit Katie and all the others in their Marvelousness at Healthy Diva Eats.

Question of the day.

Which do you prefer, running outdoors or on the treadmill?

Which one seems harder for you?