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Friday Finds


Happy Friday everyone! Todays post is quick and short.  I have been so discombobulated this week, all day Wednesday I kept thinking it was Tuesday.  Funny how that happens sometimes, but when I realized I was closer to the weekend, I was joyful.   Don’t get me wrong I love my job, it’s a fast-paced  high energy job and by weeks end I am ready to dial it back a bit.  I look forward to relaxing, being more casual and my long runs. This weekend I have the task of cleaning out my fridge, a task I love.

Now on to my Friday Finds.  The first item is a Joseph Joseph Rocker Stainless Steel Garlic Crusher. Some of the benefits of garlic are it helps lower cholesterol, good for the heart, and helps to prevent mineral deficiencies.



It’s much easier to use and clean than the traditional garlic press

 Garlic Rocker

I use this Citrus Spritzer almost everyday to spritz salads, water and it’s ideal for cut fruits and veggies to help prevent browning from oxidation.

Citrus is known to benefit healthy skin, strong bones, protects the heart, helps in digestion, helps to prevent cataracts and enhances mood.


Citrus Spritzer

I purchased both from Sur La Table for $14.95 each. Love them!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Questions of the day.

What new item have you purchased lately ?

When was the last time you cleaned your fridge and is it a task you love?