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MIMM and Making Milk

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It’s another Marvelous Monday!  I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I spent most of mine in the company of a tech guy trying to fix my wi-fi Saturday and on the phone with a tech guy Sunday because the problem wasn’t fixed, like we thought.  So another appointment is scheduled for next weekend, because of a little thing called work week.  Third times a charm I’ve heard, because this will be the third time I have a tech come to fix the same problem. Technology, you got love it.  In spite of all my wi-fi wows I still had a Marvelous weekend. I had time to make fresh almond milk, and Almond Nut Bars from the leftover pulp.  What better way to spend the waiting time.


When making your own nut milk you can use any nut or seed of your choice, you can even use oats or quinoa. When I make nut milks I use raw nuts and seed, they have a higher nutritional value. Since they are raw they need to be soaked to break down the enzyme inhibitors, this starts the germinating of the nut or seed and also make it easier to digest.  I soaked my almonds overnight.  Here is what you will need.

Raw Almond Milk

1 cups raw almonds

3 cups filtered water

                                   2 to 4 pitted Medjool dates (optional, used as a sweetener)

pinch of sea salt

1/2 teaspoon vanilla (optional)

1.Place the almonds in a bowl , cover with filtered water, soak overnight or if you don’t have the time you can soak 2 to 3 hours before use.

2. Rinse and drain, place almonds back in bowl and pour boiling water to cover almonds, allow to soak for a minute or two. I do this to kill any bacteria that may be on the surface of the nut, but not cooking the nut.

3. Place almonds in the blender along with the dates and filtered water. The standard is a 3 to 1 ratio for making nut milks. (3 cups of water to 1 cup of nuts.)  I used slightly less water because I wanted a creamier milk.

4. Blend on the highest speed until smooth.

5. Place the nut milk bag in a large bowl, pour milk into bag and squeeze to release the milk.

6. When you have squeezed all you can, remove pulp and rinse bag. The pulp can be used later in other recipes or dried and processed into flour.

7. Pour milk thru milk bag once more. This step is optional, I do this because it make a smoother milk.

8. Add the salt and vanilla, stir and pour milk into a glass jar for storage up to a week in the fridge. Mixture will separate so shake well before each use.

What’s really Marvelous is this milk over Kashi Autumn Wheat cereal. Yum Yum!



I made these with the leftover pulp.


To the leftover pulp I added

1 cup pitted Madjool dates

1 cup dried cranberries

1 and a half cup dried coconut flakes

1 cup sliced almonds

1/2 cup chia seeds

Process everything in a food processor. If the mixture is too dry you can add water to help it come together. You want it slightly crumbly, but stays together when pressed together. Shape into pan cut and enjoy!

Don’t forget to make your Monday Marvelous and check out the other Marvelousiness at Healthy Diva Life.

Thank you Katie for the weekly party.




It’s Wednesday and you know what that means!  It’s What I Ate Wednesday and these are my eats from Monday.  I got my day started with an early 5:30am high-intensity interval workout.  I recovered with a Very Berry Protein Smoothie.  After I showered and dressed for work I had my cuppa joe.


One hour later at work I had a delicious cup of smooth creamy yogurt with fresh blackberries. Can you tell blackberries are one of my favorites!

A little later I enjoyed  Wasa 7 grain crackers and a Laughing Cow Mozzarella Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Basil cheese wedge.


For lunch I prepared what I call a flatbread salad. I simply spread heated flatbread with hummus,(Sabra Roasted Pine Nut Hummus),

top with salad and enjoy!

Dinner was baked sweet potato with greek yogurt and nutmeg sprinkled on top with a salad on the side.


Earlier in the day at work there was a birthday celebration for one of the pre-k students and I said yes to one cupcake.


Thanks again to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting the weekly food sharing party. It’s nice to see what others are eating, it gives me inspiration and ideas for creative ways to experience food.

Question for the day!
What’s your favorite food?



wiaw love your veggies month button 2This was no ordinary Monday, because it was Presidents Day, for some it was a holiday from work, but for me I had staff development training and I was one of the trainers. When I’m a presenter in front of large groups, I get just a little bit anxious until I’m in front of the group speaking.

To get my day going I started with two waffles layered with a mixture of MaraNatha No Stir Almond Butter and TJ’s Speculoos Cookie Butter, sliced bananas and sprinkled black chia seeds.  Give this a try and you will be hooked!  My drink was freshly steeped JavaVans Mate tea from Teavana.  If you are a tea lover, you have to try this place if there’s one in your area.

Breakfast 7:00



8:30  I grabbed a cup of coffee in my recyclable Starbucks cup after arriving at the training site. I purchased the cup for $1, and every time I use my cup at Starbucks, I get .10 cents off my coffee purchase.    I’m sticking to my goal of being less wasteful.

10:30 I downed a Protein Berry Smoothie from my Starbucks double-walled insulated acrylic tumbler, I received as a gift on Valentine’s Day.


I didn’t do my grocery shopping over the weekend, so I didn’t have a lot to put together for lunch.  I made a veggie and apples plate for lunch, honey mustard for dipping veggies and TJ’s Cookie Butter for my apple slices.

Lunch 12:35


Do you ever feel like having breakfast for dinner? Well, I did on Monday and it was a tasty one.

Scrambled soy chorizo eggs with mozzarella cheese, flat bread & fig butter and orange slices.

Dinner 6:15


For something sweet later I had two pieces of my Valentine candy.

7:30 After Dinner sweet Snack


Question of the day. 

Do you like public speaking? How are you when speaking to large groups?




HAPPY WIAW DAY!!  This is my food diary for Monday, which turned out to be much colder than I thought.  I normally start my day off with a smoothie, but I switched things up a bit and had overnight oats. I found the original recipe for overnight oats at Kat Eats Real Food, whats so wonderful is you can change some of the ingredients to suit your likes or dislikes, you know what I mean.  I made mine with rolled oats, greek non-fat yogurt,almond milk, chia seeds and one mashed banana. In the morning when I was ready to eat I stirred  in Trader Joe’s cookie butter and top with fresh fruit.  Sorry there’s no picture of this, it was soooooooo good, I had eaten half before I remembered to take a photo.  I promise to take one next time. I know, I know it doesn’t look pretty but don’t let that fool you this stuff is awesome!  After eating my oats I decided to have a cup of coffee.

Breakfast     7:30


Morning Snack  10:00



Lunch 1:00

Quinoa Salad, some Trader Joe’s mini heirloom tomatoes, sliced red onions, chopped spinach and extra virgin olive oil tossed together, when it was time to eat I topped it with some shaved parmesan,romano and asiago cheese.


Afternoon Snack  4:00

Somersaults dutch cocoa sunflower seed snack.


Dinner 7:30

Trader Joe’s Pesto Tortelloni in Campbell’s Creamy Red Pepper with Smoked Gouda soup topped off with a little pesto sauce and a salad sprinkled with chia seeds tossed in honey mustard dressing. Yum Yum!!


And there you have it,this is what I ate Monday, February 11th.

I hope your Monday was grand.



WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) a food diary party, hosted by Jenn, author of Peas & Crayons blog.  Bloggers and blog readers photograph a day of meals any day of the week and share on Wednesdays.

wiawphotobuttonSo here it goes my first WIAW.


I started my day with a  green protein smoothie, the greens of the day, arugula and spinach, I also thru in a teaspoon of powdered spirulina and one banana.

The protein was Nature’s Bounty vanilla protein mix.


AM Snack

Mid morning, I had a yummy snack of Greek yogurt topped with plump juicy blackberries, crumbled shredded wheat cereal and sprinkle of raw agave nectar.



I’m a Director for an Early Learning Center, so I snagged some of the leftovers from the kidos lunch.  Soy burgers in tomato sauce, mashed potatoes and I added my own salad.


PM Snack

Later in the afternoon my stomach was beginning to rumble, so I prepared myself a little snack.  I always keep fruit on my desk and Trader Joe’s cookie butter stashed away in my desk drawer.  I sliced up two small apples added cookie butter and I had one awesome snack.  Trader Joe’s cookie butter makes everything better, this stuff is sooooo good!



Unfortunately I had a parent arrive late to pick up her child, because she got stuck at work, thus keeping me stuck at work. After a long day and a half hour drive, by the time I got home I just waned to eat already.  I prepared penne pasta, tossed it with red pasta sauce and pesto. (I love pesto sauce), added a salad with beets, red onions and raspberry vinaigrette, dinner was served!


I had originally planned to do a workout, but after dinner and some blog reading I was beat. Besides I had to be up and out the door before sunrise the next morning.


What do you snack on at work?