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WIAW #28 Quick and Easy Meals


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With summer in full swing I’m super busy, I didn’t prep over the weekend as I normally do so I chose quick put together meals,(Tuesday’s meals). The day started with a smoothie, smoothies to me are one of the quickest breakfast meals ever.  I blended two bananas and a pint of raspberries, poured half into a glass, mixed the remaining with kale and spinach, poured on top, the results = delicious!

 I prepared a large chopped salad, the ingredients were chopped romaine, flat leaf parsley,kale, baby bella mushrooms, red onions, zucchini, dried cranberries and cherry tomatoes. I took half of the salad to work for lunch and the other half I placed in a ziplock bag so I would have a jump-start on my dinner later.

Raspberry Kale and Spinach Smoothie

Lunch was leftover veggie chile and my prepared chopped salad, dressed with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon and sprinkle of hemp seeds.


I had a Kind bar and a bottled water for my afternoon snack, I love these things.

Great Afternoon Snack

Dinner was the other half of the chopped salad with grilled tofu,fennel and I even grilled the strawberries, I dressed the salad with balsamic honey glaze. I mixed Trader Joe’s balsamic glaze with just a little honey. This was such a quick winning meal!


Have a wonderful Wednesday and visit Jenn at Peas and Crayons for more WIAW.

Questions of the day.

Do you prep for your dinner before getting your work day started?

What’s the quickest meal you’ve put together?

How is your summer going?