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She’s A High School Senior



Happy Marvelous Back-to -School Monday!

It’s official, my only child Taylor is starting her final year of high school today. Of course I took pictures, I took pictures of her very first day of kindergarten, so I had to take them her first day as a high school senior.

It’s amazing how fast time has passed, it seems like just yesterday, I was holding a small baby and now she is as tall as I am.

Taylor with Mom

I spent some time looking at photos of Taylor when she was much younger, WOW, where did the time go?

Growing Up
I will cherish all our times together. Shopping is something we like to do together, and we did some of that this weekend.
Taylor is a talented artist, and she earned some money this summer, creating art for others.  She wanted to spend some of her own earned money on some new clothing for school.  Below is a sampling of her artwork. I think it’s Marvelous!

Taylor's Artwork

One of Taylor’s favorite places to shop is Marshalls, designer clothing for less. Smart girl!


Taylor is not big on cooking, but she helped me make a Plumcot Crisp, delicious, I must say, and it’s great with ice cream.


Click for recipe.

Have yourself a Marvelous Monday and stop by Healthy Diva Eats and check out more MIMM.

Friday Finds


Happy Friday! and welcome to the first installment of my monthly Friday Finds!   I was in Target shopping for cleaning supplies, the store was recently remodeled and reorganized, so of course I was lost, but while trying to find what I was there for I found some cool stuff.

Ilove Tea

$14.99 Tea Infuser


Collapsible Bowl $6.99

knifedrop shadow

I love this knife, get it for $3.49


4.oz- $1.49  8.oz-$1.99

Have a wonderful fitness, fun-filled weekend!!

My question today.

When you’re shopping and can’t find what you want, how long do you continue to search before asking for help?