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MIMM#10 and Food Remedies



I took Friday off and got my weekend started early. I got my hair done by Senekia in suite 33 at Salons by JC.  I was referred to this stylist by one of the parents at my school and I really enjoyed talking with her.  Senekia talked about her experiences as a vegan and raw foodie with a small child. Her child is a little older now and she allows her to make her own food choices, but her choices are relatively healthy.

 Marvelous was my 6:30am Saturday run and lunch was a Marvelous tomato, avocado, spinach, kale and dandelion greens sandwich on Genesis sprouted bread. Oh so Yummy.

Sprouded sandwich

After a trip to Crate & Barrel I had some Marvelous goodies.  My absolute favorite is the cherry/olive pitter. With cherry season in full swing I am lovin this gadget.


 During my hair appointment Friday Senekia shared with me some foods she uses for healing because she doesn’t like taking drugs.  Red lentils was one she told me she uses whenever she or her daughter aren’t feeling well. I had a chance to give it a try Sunday, I felt terrible with an upset stomach and weak from not being able to keep any food down.  She told me to simmer red lentils, bay leaf, thyme, green bell pepper, red onion, garlic powder and sea salt  until lentils are soft. I didn’t have the green peppers, I used red peppers instead.  This is a tasty dish and I felt better after having a small bowl and that was Marvelous.  Another food remedy Senekia shared was for removing excess mucus form the body by eating warm grapefruit sections.  I will be giving this one a try and I will let you know how it works.


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Questions of the day.

Did you do anything interesting this weekend?

Are there any food remedies you use?