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New Running Shoes and Dallas Diva Dash

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Marvelous is getting new running shoes!

You know that excitement a child gets when they get a new toy, that’s how I felt when I got my new running shoes, and it was double the excitement, because I got two for the price of one.  This was my first time purchasing shoes online and I would not recommend purchasing shoes online for someone just getting started with running, I think it is important to be properly fitted by a professional. The first time I was fitted for shoes, I was asked lots of questions and they watched my walking and running stride to get the best shoe for my body. Once you know your shoe and fit, I think it’s ok to purchase online, especially if you can find a great deal. I purchased my new shoes from REI’s online outlet store, and I got a great deal.  I purchased the Pureconnect 2 Road Runner

Andes 238

and Merrell Minimalist. I had been sized and fitted for this minimalist shoe a few months earlier and decided not to purchase, but when I saw them on sale I purchased them.


If you’ve never run in minimalist shoes, be warned, it is different from running in regular running shoes. The muscles in the lower leg absorb more of the impact, which will cause pain in your lower leg, ankles and feet, and if your landing technique is heel first you may experience  more pain. The best landing technique is mid-to forefoot, this is how I land and I experienced some pain in my ankles and sides of my feet, pain in my lower calf started at mile three during my four mile run. Several hours after my run I experienced some pain on the back of my heel, just below my ankles.  Click HERE for more info on the pro and cons of minimalist running.

If you use minimalist running shoes, let me know how it’s going, I’d love to know.

Something else Marvelous is the Diva Dash!

Shape’s Diva Dash is coming to Dallas, March 22 and I’ll be there, and I’ll definitely use a pair of old running shoes for this fun event. A 5K Women’s Obstacle Adventure Run, which will test agility, balance, strength and speed. Gather your girl friends and come have some fun.

Shape-Diva-Dash photos-women-running

Shape’s Diva Dash is scheduled to be in 10 cities.

Dallas  –  3/22/14

Austin  –  4/12/14

Boulder  –  5/10/14

Twin Cities  –  5/31/14

Charlotte  –  6/21/14

Chicago  –  8/2/14

Washington  –  8/16/14

Boston  –  9/6/14

Philadelphia  –  9/13/14

New York  –  10/11/14

  Create a costume or not, just prepare to have some fun.

Save $10 when you register at, using code AXBLOG!

Be Marvelous In Your Monday!

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