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WIAW #26 and Hooping It


Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Tuesday’s eats were quick, easy and simple.

  • Breakfast – Spinach, banana and cherry smoothie.
  • AM Snack – Spicy hummus and crackers.
  • Lunch – Romaine, spinach and kale salad.
  • PM Snack – Coffee and greek yogurt.
  • Dinner – Tomato, vegan mozzarella and basil panini with salad.


Monday I told you about the hula hoop competition at our weekend gathering. Well, my 10 year-old nephew has become obsessed with the hula hoop, he hoops while reading his homework, he’s that good and determined to get 6-pack abs. He’s in a trending group, hula hoop workouts are becoming more popular around the country. You can burn quite a few calories working out with hoops, however, the hoops used in workouts are weighted and rotate a bit slower around the body making it a little easier than a hoop you get from the toy store. I must admit it has been a long, long time since I have hooped and I am not good at it, I certianly can’t do it as long as these two.


Hoopnotica is one of many companies that offer weighted hoops with DVD workouts and you can also search for certified instructor in your area. They were recently featured on Good Morning America.

I think I’ll start with the $5.00 toy store hoop before upgrading to the weighted hoop, the weighted hoops range from $32.99 to $149.99, have to learn how to use one again before investing that much.

Hooping is a great core workout and a good way to turn your workouts into fun playtime or make some extra money if you become a certified hoop instructor.


Below is a hoop workout you can find on You Tube. Click to see workout.


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Question of the day.

Do you hula hoop?

What are some activites you do for workouts?