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Feeling So Much Better

Wow, the past two weeks have been far from normal around here.  When last I posted I was telling you how I was starting to feel better after spending most of my Sunday morning in the bed, that turned out to be only a small window of feeling better, shortly there after I was down for the count.  I ached from my head to my feet and had zero energy.

Unfortunately, I had not done my weekly grocery shopping for the week (not a lot in the frig), however my daughter who is no cook I must say, did a great job of putting together something for me to eat.  She sliced mushrooms, tomatoes, and celery threw it into a pot with bow-tie pasta and created a tasty soup.

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I managed to get myself to the Dr. to find out what was making me feel so bad.  I was thinking I had gotten my flu shot a couple of months ago, could this be the flu?!  I had all the symptoms but no sore throat. Well it wasn’t the flu, but a really bad sinus infection, and because I have asthma, it was flaring.   After two full days on a very expensive antibiotic, I was feeling much better.


Thank goodness for my Health Care Flexible Spending Account.

Feeling better and back in the groove, I was off to Austin.


 Along with several other Early Learning Center providers I  meet with our State Senators and  Representatives to advocate for the Texas Licensed Child Care Association.  Working with lawmakers, stakeholders and others to improve the quality of care and education of our youngest learners.

It was an action packed day, but I am glad to be back home and getting back into my workout routine.

I wish everyone a happy and well week!