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Making The Alkaline Shift



This summer has been super busy and in the past few days I’ve started to feel a little run down and not quite myself. I really don’t like taking a bunch of meds, so I took a look at my diet, I’m a firm believer, we are what we eat.  While in Florida I wasn’t able to eat quite the way I wanted and since I have returned I haven’t gotten back into my food groove.

So now it’s time to make the shift back to the alkaline side. On a ph scale from 0 to 14, the human blood should be 7.35 – 7.45 on that scale for optimum health, below or above this can throw our bodies into symptoms and disease.

Our bodies can be thrown into an acidic state from, an acidic diet, emotional stress, toxins, and when our cells are deprived of oxygen and proper nutrients, the body starts to use the alkaline minerals in the body, and if the body doesn’t have enough there will be a build up of acids in our cells.  This will result in the body’s inability to absorb minerals and nutrients and decrease the energy production in cells and the body’s ability to repair damaged cells and detoxify the blood.  When our bodies are in an acidic state we are more susceptible to fatigue, illness and cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment.

The best way to correct an acidic body is to clean up your diet. To restore your health you should have a diet consisting of 80% alkaline and 20% acid foods. To maintain health the balance should be 60% alkaline and 40% acid.  Below is a list of the top alkaline and acidic foods, from Kris Carr’s book, Crazy Sexy Diet, one of my favorite books, it’s loaded with so much valuable information about eating for optimum health. To test your bodies ph levels, you can purchase test strips from any health food store, I purchase mine from Whole Foods.


Today’s What I Ate Wednesday, journals my eats from Tuesday and I’m taking it back to the alkaline side.

It was an early rise at 5:45 and I started with a warm cup of lemon water. Citrus fruits are acidic, but they have an alkalizing effect in our systems. After the warm lemon water I had a banana before heading out for an early run to beat the heat. After my run I prepared a super Alkaline Green Protein Smoothie.  I loaded the smoothie with kale, collard, chard, frozen bananas, fresh lemon juice, hemp protein and two pitted dates. So yummy and loaded with nutrition, a great way to start any day.

Alkaline Me Smoothie

My morning snack was a bowl of fresh blackberries.


Lunch was a fully loaded Kale-Romaine salad.

Kale Romaine Salad

Afternoon snack was carrots and yogurt dip, this was my first time trying this dip, I like it but next time I will add a little red pepper to spice it up.

Oikos Dip with Carrot Chips

I ended the day with Eggplant Lasagna topped off with a little kale. Although eggplant is not on the list above, it is an alkaline food and cooked tomatoes are acidic, while fresh tomatoes are alkaline.

Eggplant Lasagna

Make the alkaline shift with me, add a few more foods from the alkaline list to your diet and consume the acid foods in moderation for balance health.

Don’t forget to check out Jenn and the others over at Peas and Crayons for some more WIAW.

Have a great Wednesday!

WIAW #19 Eating Leftovers

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Happy WIAW!!  Have you ever had those days where you are so busy and the day just flies by?  Monday was that kind of day for me, so having leftovers was a great help.   It was such an early start, I had breakfast at my desk.  Leftover carrot flaxseed muffins I made on Sunday with a cup of coffee.


Lunch was leftover boccoli/brussel sprouts pasta topped with nutritional yeast from Sunday night’s dinner.

BroccliPasta Salad

I finished off the last of the veggie enchiladas from Saturday’s dinner for Monday’s dinner.  It was topped off with home made Pica de gallo and guacamole. Dosen’t it look tasty?


I want to be more like Lindsey and prep my weeks meals on Sundays.  Haven’t gotten that far yet, but I working on it! Not having to cook Monday felt great and gave me more time for a good workout.

Don’t forget to add more veggies and check out the rest of the food party at Peas and Crayons.  Thanks Jenn for hosting our weekly get-together.

Question of the Day.

How many of you do your weekly food prep on the weekends?




It’s Go Green month and I am lovin my green veggies, but hey, I always love my green veggies, I’m a vegetarian who thinks green is supreme!   When I first opened my eyes I was surprised at what time it was, thanks to daylight  saving time it was still dark at 7:00am., but it felt good knowing I could go back to sleep.  It’s spring break and I took Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off, so when I finally got up at 9:00am (I never sleep that late), I fixed myself a thick and creamy green smoothie.  Did my body good!


I had some errands to run and it took a little longer than expected.  When I returned home I was hungry and had a cravin for some Kale Chickpea salad, doesn’t it look good, I love the colors.  I sprinkled with hemp seeds just before eating.


The day seemed to go by so fast, I guess that’s what happens when you sleep until 9:00am.  For dinner I made stuffed avocados, a variation of a recipe I found on Pinterest. This was my first time preparing this and I liked it, I liked it a lot!  Even my seventeen year-old liked it, I was surprised, because she’s such a picky eater.


I didn’t do a lot of snacking during the day, but later in the evening, while doing some blog work, I found myself snacking on Somersaults.  I was only going to eat a few, but I just couldn’t stop eating them.


Monday ended up being a Green Monday, all of my big meals were loaded with green. That’s a good thing, the greener the better!

Thank yon Jenn for hosting this awesome food sharing party.

Don’t forget to visit Peas and Crayons to see more good eats.

Question of the Day!

Have you tried any new recipes lately?


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Burn more calories, lose more fat, in less time.  That’s HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training.  A very popular way some are using to take their fitness and fat loss to the next level.  The idea is to use short intervals of maximum intensity, alternated with longer intervals of low to moderate intensity exercise.

HIIT trains and conditions both your anaerobic and aerobic systems, this type of exercise increases the amount of calories you burn during and after workout sessions, because it increases the length of time it takes the body to recover from each session.  The metabolic adaptations that occur in the body enables the body to burn more fat as fuel and  improves ones athletic endurance as well.  To get the benefits you must push past the upper end of your aerobic zone and allow the body to replenish the anaerobic energy system during the lower intensity interval.

HIIT is great for those who have busy schedules, because they are short workouts and can be done before work, on a work break or just before bed.  There are some workouts that can be done in 4 minutes.

Hiit workouts are very physically demanding and are not for everyone.  A healthy diet with a balance of protein and cards are recommended at least an hour before and after training and lots of water as always with any exercise.  Because of its intensity, it’s recommended that you don’t do two days of HIIT in a row, give your body time to recover.

This type of excercise can be adapted to almost any form exercise, such as  running, elliptical training and targeting different areas of the body.  is a great site for HIIT Training Plans

the following plan is from the site.


HIIT Running

HiitWorkout30secBHiitTraining30secBClick Source for additional plans.

Check out the resource sites for more information.

Reference source1

Reference source2

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Hello, I hope everyone had a great week and are finding exciting ways to enjoy your weekend.   I must say my weekend is off to a great start. I went for a run on a bike/running path near my home,and  for the first time since being sick I had a good run!  I call it my FREE run.


 I usually run with Jog Log open on my iphone to track my pace and mileage, but this weekend I decided to run app free.  Just me, my music and my thoughts.  It was also the first time in a very long time that I did not have to stop take a puff of my inhaler mid run.  Lately even after taking a breathing treatment before running, I still have to stop and take a puff.   It felt so good to be free of apps telling me how fast or slow I am running, depending on how you look at it, and free of having to stop and take a puff.

After my run I made a protein shake using Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions Complete Protein and Vitamin shake mix.


  It’s a protein shake that’s made to address the needs of women, and the flavor choices are vanilla or chocolate. Currently at Walgreens you can buy one and get one half off, the everyday price is $16.99.  The directions say to mix with 8 oz. of water, but I  recommend using a dairy free milk to give it a much smoother taste.  Of course, you know me I added two handfuls of spinach, a frozen banana and some Spirulina powder.

What’s your favorite way to recharge after a workout?