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MIMM #15 and Marvelous MSM

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I have been hearing a lot about MSM lately,especially in the raw food community, so I did some research to find out more.


MSM, Methylsulfanylmethane, it is a sulphur compound that’s naturally found in humans,animals, plants, fruits, veggies, and dairy products and is necessary for the synthesis of proteins and acids as well as developing connectivity tissue. As we age the body’s ability to produce this compound diminishes.

Without MSM our bodies can’t repair or replace tissue fast enough to prevent the body from producing abnormal cells which may cause increased sensitivity to pain, arthritis, skin problems, brittle hair and nails and disease.


MSM when taken internally helps the body heal from the inside out. It reduces inflammation which helps to relieve pain of arthritis and sore muscles. It also controls stomach acidity and forms a protective coat on the intestinal  tract; thus, parasites are unable to hang on.

MSM feeds into the bodies formation of collagen and elastin and this helps to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails and fights the aging process.

It makes the skin feel soft smooth and reduces wrinkles. You can add MSM powder to your bath water and take a long relaxing soak for 20 minutes or more to help soften and relieve dry skin.

When used topically MSM is helpful in treating acne, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, even diaper rash. Doctors are using it to help repair cut, scraped, damaged and even burned skin. MSM is currently being studied and shows some good results as a non-toxic treatment for skin cancer and it also has promising results in breast cancer patients.





MSM disappears during food processing but can be supplemented thru capsules, tablets, powder, flakes, and topically with the use of lotions and creams.

Powder or flakes is the best way to go, because it’s absorbed faster.  Dissolve in warm water first then mix with more water or juice of your choice to help disguise the taste.

You may find it listed in the ingredients as dimethyl sulfone, methylsulfonylmethane or MSM.

It is suggested that you start taking with a meal to prevent stomach upset when beginning to take this as a supplement.

I have included links to sites where you can purchase MSM supplements and products. You can also find them in your local health food store, sometimes mixed with other supplements. MSM is mixed most often with Glucosamine, which strengthens cartilage and reduces inflammation, however Glucosamine is a sugar molecule, so if you are diabetic or are watching your sugar intake you have to be careful about the dosage. When MSM is taken with vitamin C it enhances recovery.  MSM also makes you feel energetic so it’s best taken early in the day to prevent insomnia.


I was inspired by Raw Foodie Megan Elizabeth to make some Raw Vegan Pizza.

Link to her channel.

Megan ElizabethYouTube

Yummy, Yummy Raw Vegan Pizza!!!

I changed a few a few of  the ingredients, for the topping, I mixed nutritional yeast with the hemp seed instead of cashews. The nutritional yeast gives it a cheesy flavor.


SafeWay/Tom Thumb Blueberry Pomegranate Acai’ Sorbet


I found a Marvelous fruit salad recipe on Pinterest

Secret Fruit Salad, so good! The secret is 2 tablespoons of dry vanilla pudding mix.

You can find the recipe here.


My weekend was absolutely Marvelous and I’m ready for a Marvelous Monday!

Make your Marvelous Monday and stop by Healthy Diva Eats for more Marvelousness.

Question of the day.

Do you take supplements?

What was the last new recipe you tried?

MIMM #2 and Headache Free



Welcome to another Monday!  I hope you all had fun this weekend, Saturday I lounged a bit and I started to pull clothes from my closet to donate, but I became so overwhelmed I decided to go for my long run.


  I had planned to do a loop, run out 4 miles turn around and come back to make 8, but as I was approaching the 2 mile mark I was starting to feel tired, weak and my head was beginning to hurt.  It ended up being a 4 mile run instead.  I prepared a fruit bowl of non-fat greek yogurt and blackberries when I got home and after a shower I had a great big salad, and my energy level was coming back, but I still had a huge headache.  I was determined not to take any meds for my headache, because earlier in the week I took them and ended up with a killer stomach ache.  Finally after drinking lots of water and eating a sunflower seed butter and banana sandwich, my headache went away. THAT WAS MARVELOUS.  When I was training with Tean-In-Training the coaches used to always say “stick to what works for your long runs “, but Saturday I had Eggo pancakes instead of my old trusty oatmeal.  I know every run won’t be a good run, but I think I have learned my lesson to fuel my body adequately before my runs.

Sunday was a much better day, every third Sunday my daughter and I volunteer in our church nursery caring for infants  and toddlers.  After returning home, and doing an interval workout, I  made coffee smoothie with leftover coffee, chocolate flavored protein powder, frozen banana and chia seeds.


Marvelous was my Sunday lunch of roasted potatoes topped with salsa, cheese and greens, SOOOOO tasty.

Sunday Lunch

Marvelous was Sunday dinner my daughter begged me to make because she loves the cute little noodles.

Pasta Bowl

Be MARVELOUS in your Monday!

A big thank you to Katie @Healthy Diva Life for hosting MIMM.

Question of the Day.

For all the athletes, what do you use to fuel your body before and after workouts?