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Weekend Things


My daughter, the artist, is always telling me , blue and green are calming colors and they are should be used together to give a sense of calm . Maybe that’s why God made the sky a beautiful blue and the trees vibrant greens.  After a super stressful week, running with the view of blue sky and green trees, sure distressed me.


 After my run a trip to Super Target also helped, who doesn’t like shopping at Target, so many good finds.


My first find was actually a big need, sunscreen, and the plus was a free lip balm.


Also picked up the on-the-go face and body stick, another free lip balm.


For everyday use I got the ultra sheer dry-touch SPF 100.


I found some cute shorts.



My daughter found some jeans, $7.48, what a bargain.


Cute bag.


Love these shoes!


One of the greatest finds this weekend, is finding out I can now eat watermelon once more. After moving to Texas in 2002, it seemed that every time I ate watermelon, I would get sick, so I have avoided it for over 11 years, but I really wanted to eat it.  This weekend I decided to give it a try, and I didn’t get sick. I’m not sure what about watermelon was making me sick before, but I’m sure glad I can eat it again.  I will however, be cautious every time I eat it.


Sunday afternoon, I made  hummus, using cannellini beans and spinach to give it a nutritional boost.

It was so gooood!

Click HERE for the recipe.


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