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Simple Nutrition-Give It A Try

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Living a healthy lifestyle through exercise and diet are very important to me, so when I was asked to give Simple Nutrition, a new online personal nutrition tool for Safeway, Tom Thumb and Randalls grocery chain a try, I was thrilled. The program is developed by registered dietitians to help make it easy to shop for products that fit your nutritional needs.

It is so easy, you simply sign-up, sign-in and tell it what you need or want and the tool gives you food choices based on your criteria. You make your choices, create your list, and then go shopping.


Armed with my list, I was ready to shop!   First stop was fresh veggies and fruits, my favorite place in the store.




I love this stuff.


I can’t drink regular milk, so non-dairy almond is my choice.


Love myself some greek yogurt.

Oikos Yogurt

I’m trying to reduce the sugar in my diet and this cereal has less of it.

Cascadian Farms

I put some of those fresh veggies together to make these awesome dishes. I roasted the veggies in the oven once, but used them twice in two different recipes. Dish one was roasted veggies served on top of creamy polenta with chopped kale, dish two, an open-faced sandwich served with romaine and spinach salad.

Cook Once, Use Twice

My overall thoughts about this program is that it’s a great tool to help anyone meet their nutritional goals, and that ‘s a Marvelous thing.

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And Healthy Diva Eats for Marvelous In My Monday.

WIAW #29 and A Give-a-way!



There’s nothing like running in the cool crisp morning air and this week has been the best running weather, the mornings have been in the sixties. I am loving it! Before my run I had a banana, so I wouldn’t have a repeat of my weekend run when I hit that big wall.


After my run I downed a chocolate protein smoothie before showering and dressing for work.


 I packed a lunch, but decided to have a veggie wrap from the local Tom Thumb grocery near my work instead. So, so good!

Afternoon Snack

Mid afternoon I was ready for an open faced sunflower seed butter and banana sandwich on wheat. It gave me what I needed to get thru the rest of my day.


Dinner was a very quick butternut squash ravioli and a glass of wine.

Great day of meals.

Collage WIAW

Enter the give-a-way for my Blogiversary, it’s a thank you to my readers, this blog will be 1 year-old Sunday, July 7th. I’ll select a winner Monday, July 8th.

Blogiversary-withPhoto copy

Have a great Wednesday and enjoy your 4th. Check out more WIAW wit Jenn and all the rest at Peas ans Crayons.