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WIAW #19 Eating Leftovers

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Happy WIAW!!  Have you ever had those days where you are so busy and the day just flies by?  Monday was that kind of day for me, so having leftovers was a great help.   It was such an early start, I had breakfast at my desk.  Leftover carrot flaxseed muffins I made on Sunday with a cup of coffee.


Lunch was leftover boccoli/brussel sprouts pasta topped with nutritional yeast from Sunday night’s dinner.

BroccliPasta Salad

I finished off the last of the veggie enchiladas from Saturday’s dinner for Monday’s dinner.  It was topped off with home made Pica de gallo and guacamole. Dosen’t it look tasty?


I want to be more like Lindsey and prep my weeks meals on Sundays.  Haven’t gotten that far yet, but I working on it! Not having to cook Monday felt great and gave me more time for a good workout.

Don’t forget to add more veggies and check out the rest of the food party at Peas and Crayons.  Thanks Jenn for hosting our weekly get-together.

Question of the Day.

How many of you do your weekly food prep on the weekends?