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A Wonderful Labor Day Weekend

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Happy Labor Day!

If you have the day off, I hope you are having fun.

My weekend started off with a early morning run Saturday, and after my run I refueled with a Mean Green After Workout Smoothie.  Loaded with kale, spinach, kiwi, bananas, hemp seed and spirulina, and Vega protein powder.


Here in Texas the temperatures were in the triple digits, to help cool down I made some tasty Zip ice-pops, using Zipzicle bags. These bags are wonderful, because I control the ingredients, no worrying about dyes or sugar.

Zip Bags

Turn your healthy smoothies into ice-pops, using fresh fruits and veggies, yes, I said veggies.  This is a great way to get in those extra fruits and veggies. You can load them with powerful disease fighting foods, turning an empty calorie treat into a good-for-you treat.


                                Click for Ice-Pop recipe

Something else pretty good this weekend was a grilled zucchini and avocado quesadilla.


Open Quesadilla

Zucchini  and Avocado Quesadilla

Sunday, I had a fun time with my family. Whenever there’s a Monday holiday, we get together on Sunday to celebrate, so everyone can use Monday to relax and prepare for the week ahead.

I had fun with my daughter, my niece and nephew.

Fun with family

It was good seeing my brother, Alphanzo and his wife, Schulanda again.

Al and Schulanda

I hope everyone is having a Wonderful Labor Day Monday !

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